Web design is a very important aspect when it comes to making money online. The design of your website plays a huge role when it comes to making the most of your online traffic and converting it to sales or some type of lead. A type of web design platform that many users are using today is wordpress. WordPress is a PHP driven platform that is search engine friendly, user friendly and highly customizable. If you want all of these three pros for your website than wordpress is the platform you should be using.


Tags are also a very important aspect of your website. Ask any seo company and they will tell you that there are four tags that you should be paying close attention to. Your title tag, description tag, keyword tag and heading tags. Your title and description are highly important because those are the tags that Google and other search engines mainly look at when they are crawling / visiting your website. These tags tell the search engines what type of site you have and what keywords your site should be ranking / optimizing for. Your title and description tag are also what search engines use to display your website in the search results.

For example:

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The blue line is my websites title tag, and the content under my URL is the description tag. Heading tags are also important because these tags tell search engines what you are emphasizing on your website. Headings are important because it iosnt regular sized text, and if you put something in a huge font then it must be important.

Call to action / Contact form

Having an effective call to action function on your website is a key element for capturing and getting the most out of your websites traffic. A call to action button may be to a download section, a buy now section, free quote section or anything for that matter that will funnel in that visitor to buy something from you website or to fill out your contact form. If you go to any domain name and look at the “See how it works” button you will see a good example of a call to action feature on a website. By utilizing this button we drive many visitors to our contact page so that we can capture that lead and convert it into a sale.


In conclusion if you master call to action and your websites tags you are certainly one step closer to having a kick butt website and getting the most out of your site. I hope you found this information to at least be somewhat useful to you. When in doubt search the web to find out more great tactics regarding web design and website marketing. If that doesn’t work then I suggest you should join and participate in some SEO and or web design forums or hire someone to provide you with quality web design and SEO services Australia.