In today’s world when almost everything seems to be connected virtually it becomes imperative for a Business to a website of its own. How a website is going to make a big impact for a Business, we might ask. Is it even worth putting efforts into? Well, a website is like a face to a Business. Before a client can even come to the office to meet anyone and get more information, today we prefer to first look at the website before even starting to think of working with a new Business. That’s the status a website has achieved for itself.

What next? Get a website done for the Business then… but there are so many elements to take care of when venturing into this space. The technology to be used, software’s to be integrated, licenses to be bought, etc. One important element here is what one can see when he/she enters that website address into the address bar. A very well-structured site can create a lasting impact on any user. Therefore designing or creating a website needed to be a well thought through process.

When we say web designing, the pillars of it would be a layout for the site, attractive and meaningful content, and a bit of graphics to make it interesting for the readers. One would really need to bring out ones creativity in order to make an eye catching website to keep the readers engaged and lead them to more pages of the website. There are many software’s available to create a website from scratch without much hassle, so many of these are free of charge you just need to pay for your domain name.

To begin the technology on which the website will be based needs to be froze rest everything will depend on this. Also, while creating a website its always better to have a wire-frame in place before you begin it gives a sense of direction while work is in progress. Next, the structure of the website needs to be finally along with content for basic pages in place so that work can begin.

One of the most popular and free website content management systems available today is WordPress. It is very versatile and gives the administrator a lot of scope of creativity and personalization. Once the website domain is bought and the website is hosted on any of the various website hosting sites like, etc. the actual creation of the website can begin. What makes WordPress so versatile is that it has almost limit-less number of templates which can be used to create websites in minutes. You just need to be ready with the content and keep creating pages and adding content to those. To make the pages interesting and interactive there are many plugins that WordPress makes available. A thousand things can be done with the Plugins, and just in case you don’t find one that doesn’t suit your requirement you can always get one custom made for you!